The Nexus of Sri Sukta and Vishoka Meditation

Discover how the union of Sri Sukta and Vishoka Meditation is a gateway to the field of experience where practices of yoga, tantra, kundalini, and mantra sadhana are fully integrated

Sri Sukta and Vishoka Meditation, independently, are two of the most powerful and highly-prized practices in the tradition of yoga and tantra. In this online course with Pandit Tigunait, you’ll discover the unique intersection of these ancient practices, and learn how to enhance your experience of Sri Sukta with the power of Vishoka Meditation, and vice versa.

For practitioners of Sri Sukta and Vishoka Meditation, this course is a rare opportunity to reveal the synergistic dynamics of these practices, and discover why they’re at the heart of the living tradition of Sri Vidya. This online course features an 8-part lecture series and 4-part guided practice series, and is designed specifically for those who are already practitioners of both Sri Sukta and Vishoka Meditation.

We’ll discover how the union of Sri Sukta and Vishoka Meditation is a gateway to the field of experience where practices of yoga, tantra, kundalini, and mantra sadhana are fully integrated. This unveils the mystery and power of tantra vidya packed in the time capsule of a living tradition of Sri Vidya.

Program Features:

  • Designed specifically for practitioners of both Sri Sukta and Vishoka Meditation, and only open to those who have already learned these practices.
  • Experiential format, skillfully combining lecture, Q&A, and guided practice sessions.
  • The 12-day window of this program coincides with Navratri, a spiritually charged 9-day period (October 7-15) dedicated to the Divine Mother.
  • 8-part lecture series with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, with corresponding 4-part guided practice series.
  • Two Q&A sessions with Panditji to help digest the lecture and practice sessions.

Key Highlights:

8-part Lecture Series

In these eight sessions, you will learn how to apply the techniques of Vishoka Meditation and its ancillary practices to engender and intensify the inner golden light for optimizing the practice of Sri Sukta. You will also learn how specific mantras of Sri Sukta can be used to further intensify your practice of Vishoka, and take your experience to a new height. In other words, this program is a step toward diving into a stage of tantra sadhana normally described as “forbidden tantra.”

Session titles:
  1. Sri Sukta & Yoga Sutra: The Treasure Trove of Tantra 
  2. Uniting the Mantric Power of Sri Sukta with the Meditative Power of Vishoka
  3. The Golden Deer of Sri Sukta & the Dynamism of Vishoka Meditation
  4. Breathing Techniques to Awaken and Intensify the Golden Light 
  5. Employing Vishoka to Stabilize and Further Expand the Golden Light 
  6. Practicing Sri Sukta While Embraced in the Golden Light
  7. Living with the Masters: Practicing Sri Sukta at the Upper Ridge of the Ajna Chakra
  8. Vishoka-Driven Practice of Sri Sukta for Collective Peace and Prosperity
4-Part Guided Practice Series

Guided practices with Panditji, Ishan Tigunait or Himalayan Institute Faculty specifically designed to reveal the synergistic nature of pranic awareness, Vishoka Meditation, and Sri Sukta. These guided practices are architected in context to the lecture sessions to share the experiential dimension of what we learn in the classroom.

Guided practices are 90 minutes long, and include pranically-oriented asana, pranayama, and relaxation to engender a potent pranic awareness to catalyze Vishoka Meditation. Vishoka Meditation is at the heart of our guided practice, and is uniquely employed to amplify the benefits of Sri Sukta.


  • Vishoka Meditation Course
  • Any Sri Sukta Course with Pandit Tigunait or Ishan Tigunait, including:
    • Sri Sukta: Vessel of Tantric Elixir (May 2021)
    • Tantra of Inner Prosperity (New Year’s 2018)
    • Unlocking the Power of Sri Sukta (HI Khajuraho, February 2020)
    • Sri Sukta Course with Ishan Tigunait
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Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, is a modern-day master and living link in the unbroken Himalayan Tradition. He is the successor to Sri Swami Rama of the Himalayas, and the spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute. As the author of numerous books, including his autobiography Touched by Fire: The Ongoing Journey of a Spiritual Seeker, Pandit Tigunait...

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