Make Your Bed, Change Your Life! The Power of Daily Routine


Daily routine is the foundation of a yogic lifestyle. In fact, a good daily routine will help you become more energetic and productive in all aspects of your life. Establishing a daily ritual of self-care re-aligns you with nature’s rhythms and connects you to self-nourishment. In this 3-part video series, Sarah Guglielmi explains how self-care generates self-love, which is the authentic source of inner happiness and healthy living. Learn how making your bed—along with other simple daily rituals—really can change your life!

3-Part Series

Authentic Happiness & Making Your Bed

Is a consistent daily routine the key to happiness? Healthy lifestyle choices and self-care have been linked to greater happiness and an overall positive outlook. Learn how making your bed every day can lead to...

Overcoming Resistance to Routine

Does our daily routine nourish us or drain us? Are we willing to change our habits and mind-set to feel more energetic and nurtured? In this video, Sarah Guglielmi explores how we resist taking care...