Spiritual Evolution of the Universe


The practice of yoga helps us to break the cycle of our assumptions—challenging them, shifting our perspective, and refining our awareness. As our awareness expands, our eyes begin to open to the truth of an all-pervading consciousness that is the source of all.

Join Ishan Tigunait in this four-part series to explore how yoga helps us transcend our unconscious tendencies and transform unhelpful mental conditionings to experience a more beautiful and meaningful reality. We are then able to recognize the entirety of life as a precious opportunity for growth—and all of life becomes our practice.

4-Part Series

Consciousness Is Our Source

So much of our life is on autopilot. We have a tendency to move through the world without questioning the assumptions we are making—assumptions that deeply influence how we see ourselves and how we see...

Prana: Pulsation of Consciousness

According to tantra, prana is something much deeper than just an energy capacity of the body. It is the pulsation and manifestation of consciousness that allows us to be aware of consciousness itself. Learn how...

The Grace of Prakriti

Prakriti (self-nature) is at the heart of yoga. Learn how cosmic Prakriti, whose nature is fulfillment, infuses our individual prakriti—every aspect of our body and mind—with the potential for fulfillment, and how yoga and ayurveda...