Stress Less: Embrace Your Doshic Tendency to Manage Stress


Stress is an epidemic in our society, and we do not often have the luxury of taking a break from the situations that come our way. If stress is unavoidable, how do we learn not only to cope with our reality but to thrive in our sea of commitments? Ayurveda, a holistic science with ancient roots, contains valuable insights to help us navigate the frantic pace of modern life. In this video series, Kathryn Templeton explains how our elemental tendency (dosha) determines our typical stress response, and sheds light on the best practices for managing stress.

4-Part Series

Ayurveda and Stress

What does ayurveda have to say about our stress response, and how can we use this ancient science to bolster us when we encounter stress? In this short video, Kathryn Templeton explains each dosha’s (vata,...

Adapt to Your Kapha Stress Response

Stress can be paralyzing, leaving us hunkered down in a state of inaction. The grounding, earthy energy of kapha dominance causes us to freeze up, Kathryn Templeton explains, leading to feelings of stuckness and intractability....