Yoga gives us a systematic path to gain self-mastery of our mind and experience the totality of who we are. But where do we start? As Ishan Tigunait explains in Session 2 (sutras 1:12–1:16) of the Yoga Sutra Book Club, the secret is a twofold method—abhyasa (effort-driven practice) and vairagya (non-attachment; decoloring our mind from past attachments and identities, so that our full potential can shine through). Ishan delves into the subtle nuances of these twin cornerstones of yoga and explains how their combined force, when refined, can lead us all the way to samadhi.

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The Secret of the Yoga Sutra is the first practitioner-oriented commentary of the Yoga Sutra which is fully grounded in a living tradition. It shares the essence of Pandit Tigunait’s rigorous scholarly understanding of the Yoga Sutra, through the filter of experiential knowledge gained through decades of advanced yogic practices, and enriched by the gift of living wisdom he received from the masters of the Himalayan Tradition.

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