What is the secret to harnessing the healing force? The secret, according to the Netra Tantra, lies in understanding the power of healing and vitality known as Mrityunjaya—one of the aspects of Shiva, and the conqueror of death. We can tap into this power by practicing a particular mantra, along with undertaking a special course of self-study where we identify 15 major physical, mental, and spiritual diseases in ourselves and work toward eliminating them once and for all.

In this rare, exclusive lecture video from 2007—released publicly for the first time here—Panditji shares his fascinating experiences with the maha mrityunjaya mantra and related practices described in the Netra Tantra. In Part 1 of the Netra Tantra: Harnessing the Healing Force lectures, learn how mantra can help us transcend the first 4 of these diseases: bhuta (the ghosts of our past), yaksha (our inner and outer demons), graha (what holds us captive), and unmada (mental weakness and instability) so we can begin to heal ourselves on every level.

Building the Foundation for the Practice

Mantra as Cure for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Disease (NT 2:13)

Bhuta: Ghosts of Our Past

Yaksha: Our Inner & Outer Demons

Graha: What Holds Us Captive

Unmada: Mental Instability & Weakness

Source: Netra Tantra lectures (Honesdale, 2007)

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