We are responsible for our own fortune and misfortune. But there’s a way to modify our actions, undo what we’ve done, and reshape our destiny. We’re not helpless.

—Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Our karmas can bind us or grant us freedom—the choice is ours. How can we understand the mysterious forces of life, death, and karma, and take control of our destiny? In this powerful, never-before-seen lecture video from 1997, Pandit Tigunait explains how mastering our subhuman tendencies, especially fear and anger, allows us to erase binding karmas and give a new shape to our destiny.

According to Sri Vidya tantra, our thoughts, emotions, and primitive urges all originate from the lower chakras. Understanding and working with the first three chakras (muladhara, svadhishthana, and manipura) is the gateway to freedom. When we work with these chakras through precise contemplative, meditative, and yogic techniques, we are able to disentangle rudra granthi—the karmic knot at the third chakra—and come into contact with the divine fire that destroys our subhuman tendencies.

Watch this Wisdom Classic video, and learn more about how we can achieve karmic freedom by working with the first three chakras!

Source: From Death to Birth: Understanding Karma & Reincarnation lectures (Honesdale, 1997)

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