Just as there are millions of suns in the galaxy, there are millions of stars and suns within us.

—Swami Rama

How can we experience the highest life has to offer? The ancient systems of yoga and tantra give us tools that lead us to the pinnacle of human existence.

In this never-before-released video lecture from 1987’s classic Path of Fire & Light seminar, Swami Rama shares timeless secrets of these two ancient systems. Learn how to use the tools of meditation, contemplation, and awakening the chakras so we can tap into the hidden reservoirs of power and wisdom within us—the unconscious mind and the latent energy known as kundalini shakti. In this journey within, we transform habit patterns that no longer serve us. We also expand and refine the capacity of our body, mind, senses, and breath so we can know ourselves on every level.

Watch this video, and learn secrets of the sages that will infuse your practice—and life—with profound meaning!

Source: Path of Fire & Light lectures (Honesdale, 1987)

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