Let’s co-create a cleansing and rejuvenating experience

For over 30 years, the Himalayan Institute has used Ayurvedic and holistic health principles to provide physician-guided rejuvenative retreats for hundreds of people. Our focus is on both nourishing and cleansing – the interconnected foundation stones for building vitality, strength and longevity. This includes diet, movement, bowel cleansing, and yoga practices along with restorative, meditative and contemplative work.

We will help you integrate these time-tested principles to create your own optimal cleansing and restorative experience, in your own home. And we’ll be with you every step of the way to instruct and support you on your healing journey.

This 4 Day Retreat Includes:
  • Guidance and continual contact with one of our board-certified integrative medicine physicians
    • A 30-minute PRE-cleanse session to plan your retreat
    • Daily 20-minute check-ins during the retreat
    • A 30-minute POST-cleanse review, with holistic recommendations for continuing your healing process
  • Gentle LIVE morning hatha yoga classes daily at 7am EST;  these are accessible to replay any time throughout your retreat
  • Recipes for light, simple, nutritious meals (including Kitchari, if you wish)
  • Self-guided daily massage, followed by a warm bath or shower to support toxin removal
  • Customized cleansing practices as guided by your integrative physician
  • A recommended daily schedule of meals, movement, relaxation, reading, journaling and meditation
  • Multiple links to articles, videos and audios to support your cleansing experience, and future support routine (Dinacharya)
  • Evening lectures and group discussions to explore related topics:
    • Cleansing/nourishing techniques and practices, and how and when to use them
    • Ayurvedic principles and how they apply to your life
    • Breath training, relaxation and meditation to lower stress and build resilience
    • Translating all you’ve learned into supports for your future health

Enjoy 14-Day access for $399 or Lifetime access for $449

Clear your schedule, and make a commitment to your own healing. Together, we will co-create a personal plan for your retreat experience, and for continued success after the retreat has ended.

Your optimal health and well-being await!

Disclaimer: Only the lectures and yoga classes will be recorded and available for playback on the course portal