Who doesn’t need to feel a bit more grounded and centered right now? We may know we need this, but we might not be sure where to begin. In yoga practice, the starting point for this more balanced experience is often the pelvis.

The pelvis is our foundation and the physical gateway to an energetic experience of strength, inner support, and the ability to access deep nourishment both in our practice and in our lives. After challenging periods in life, we often find ourselves in need of some space to consider ourselves in a new way.

Join Judy Moulton for this live online workshop and refresh your practice and your life with the power of stability that comes from awakening your connection to your own foundation through breath centered asana and meditation.

Highlights of the 3-hour workshop include:
  • Lecture, group discussion and practice
  • A focus on the power of simplicity in yoga practice
  • Breath aligned movement designed to increase awareness and strengthen the pelvis while releasing tension and supporting optimal energetic flow in this space
  • Experience how the pelvis is the foundation for gaining more access to the practice of yoga asana
  • Simple meditative techniques to help you feel more grounded, centered, and nourished
  • Wisdom drawn from yoga philosophy to inspire and enliven your practice and your life
  • Techniques for yoga students and teachers to effectively unlock a deeper level and experience of yoga practice