Baba Harihar Ramji

Hailing from the ancient lineage of Avadhut Siddhas of Kashi, Baba Harihar Ramji is the perfect bridge between the ancient and modern world. His teachings are deeply rooted in a timeless tradition and provide practical guidance that a person facing today’s challenges can comprehend and assimilate. As Baba Ji says, “Spirituality is not a mystery” — it is the inherent nature of each individual to live a spiritual life.

Baba Ji established Sonoma Ashram in Sonoma, California in 1991 with a mission to foster spiritual growth, selfless service, and individual transformation through the universal teachings of Aghor Yoga. The Ashram represents the only presence of this ancient mystical lineage in the U.S. and aims to inspire individuals to connect with their inner fullness and express the overflow of this fullness by being of service in the world.

Baba Ji has also created several service projects in Varanasi, India, including Bal Ashram, a nurturing home for 20 orphaned children and young adults, Amrit Sagar Environmental Center, Vision Varanasi Eye Hospital, and the Anjali School, among others.

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