Chelsea Manganaro

Chelsea Manganaro is the owner and Founder of Nearme Yoga and NEPA Yoga festival. People can find out all studio information at Nearme Yoga and Facebook page or by emailing [email protected].

“It is just as hard to learn the wrong as it is to learn the right, except you still have to learn the right way”

The quotation above really describes my teaching style and I’m quite sure that my students are tired of hearing me say this. When I opened Nearme Yoga in 2014, I was looking to build a community, since then I met thousands of amazing people, started a festival, and now retreats. I also began a Yoga teacher training called INFINTYOGA with a dear friend Mara Morell from Mrida Seva Yoga. My teaching style has dramatically changed from my early days. My Yogic name was “Chaturunga Chelsea”you know because you have to change your name to become famous in this industry. It wasn’t until I needed a surgery and had to back off my practice and demonstration that I started to notice not everyone was there for the physical part of yoga. I still teach an alignment based class that is filled with storytelling and laughter, but I am much more focused on the students’ needs and advancement. As an instructor, my purpose is to make sure the practitioners are not in a place of injury using verbal cues and spot on hands on adjustments and also when they can go further.

Ultimately, I choose yoga to be my passion and my career; I choose to spread yoga to everyone in any way possible. I committed to let yoga do the work and I believe that yoga will help soothe the chaos of this world.