Christine Harbison

Why I do what I do. I love yoga and, like most, when I started I believed it was just an exercise routine and it twisted you up like a pretzel. As my learning and training evolved I soon began to realize it's a lifestyle, a lifestyle that I was drawn to, because I was slowly over time finding out who "I" really was. I began to drop all the "labels" and "assumptions" of what I "thought" my life should be and just started to live life to the fullest.

I earned my 200-hour certification at the Himalayan Institute In Buffalo, NY. I continued my studies at the Himalayan Institute’s ashram/retreat center in Honesdale PA, gaining my 500-hour certification. Also earning Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and 3 Wisdom Traditions wellness coach certification at the Institute. Currently in the Institute’s Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist programs. I completed Yoga For All training and Warriors at Ease level one training, which is training to help bring yoga and meditation to military communities, working with PTSD, MST, and making yoga adaptable for all injuries.

I never wanted to "run/own" a studio — all that time marketing, paying bills, hiring teachers, dealing with all the "business stuff" really bores me, I always felt I could be using that time to help others, teach more, serve my community. But with the general perception people have of yoga I needed to do something, so Satya Yoga was born. To help guide people so they can discover their true inner radiance is my top priority. I always ask the class before we start "What do you need today"? "How can I help/serve you"? And I mean it: class is about your needs; it’s about you, not me, not my agenda.

Yoga offers so much and can be so many things to so many people; like I said before, it's a lifestyle. Yoga doesn't care if you eat meat, drink, swear, are fat, skinny, what your skin color is, your religion, your gender, what you are wearing — you get the idea: it's for everybody.