Connie Viglietti

Connie Viglietti (Guest Teacher) is a yoga teacher and doula, a lover of life and connection. Her yogic studies lie in Hatha and Vinyasa. While in Guatemala in 2011 studying with her teacher, a Mayan shaman read her numbers and asked "why aren't you a midwife?" This grabbed her attention and, when pregnant with her first baby, she became a doula and began teaching prenatal yoga. Leading pregnant women through yoga and meditation is a precious responsibility that Connie immediately felt a calling towards. She has served as doula in hospital settings, birth centers, and home births. And teaches weekly prenatal and postnatal yoga. Her work inspires women to connect with themselves in a way that will bring forth courage and self love so that we can be the best mothers we can be. After all, birth is just the beginning. Connie is a co-founder of Emaya, empowering women through yoga, meditation, and coaching. Emaya offers community, online programs, and in-person workshops and retreats. Connie loves to spend time with her husband, children, and pup, and she enjoys singing and acting.