Heather Brown

As a young girl Heather loved to dance and was interested in how people moved and expressed themselves through their bodies. In 1971 she came to NYC to explore the post-modern dance community and was drawn to movement that flowed from the inner felt sense of the dancer. Contact Improvisation was the dance/movement form that most brought Heather into her body, and 40 years later it continues to enliven her Rosen practice. In this dance form two people make physical contact, bringing careful attention to feeling the ever-changing point of contact. As the dance evolves there emerges a resonance between the movers, and the dance creates itself as each dancer follows themself and the other; neither knowing what will happen next.

Heather’s first encounter with Rosen Method was watching a tiny video of Marion Rosen working. She was profoundly moved witnessing Marion quietly focussed with her client, connecting and responding in ways that conveyed curiosity, intimacy, and reverence. At the same time she experienced her first Rosen touch. To her great surprise she felt the warmth of a small presence inside welcoming her in, and inviting her to stay, with a sense of maternal love.

Heather knew she would learn this work and was incredulous that there was someone who could help her know herself and others in this way. In 1983 Heather moved from New York City to Berkeley to train with Marion Rosen. Over the next three years she learned to listen with her hands and also her whole body, following and responding to her clients’ subtle shifts with simple words grounded in the moment. She developed confidence in holding people’s suffering, fear, and joy, and in not knowing what will unfold.

In 1986 Heather moved back to NYC to open her private practice. She delights in sharing this work with others through teaching residential Intensives, leading supervision groups for other bodyworkers and psychotherapists, and working individually with clients in her private practice.

Outside of her engagement with Rosen one of Heather’s greatest pleasures is to share a moment of recognition as she passes people walking in the streets or in the subway. She loves being with her family, leading meditation evenings, and speaking French with anyone who is willing.