Johnathan Raiss

Johnathan's first encounter with yoga occurred around the time he was sixteen, when an old friend introduced him to the practices of Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga. The unfamiliar movements and postures of these styles immediately captivated his attention, and inspired a deep curiosity that began a 10-year exploration into various movement and martial arts disciplines. He left the serious practice of yoga for a time to study these other art forms.

After training competitively in capoeira, bodyweight training, and Chinese boxing for six years, Johnathan realized that he missed the deep therapeutic benefits of yoga practice and began to practice at Dhyana Yoga. There, he met Simon Park who became his teacher and mentor. Simon's approach to yoga and movement was amazing on a physical level, but also began to create a newfound sense of calm and groundedness in Johnathan's life that he had not encountered before. Through intelligently focused and guided practice, Johnathan slowly began to become proficient in the movements and postures, but also to develop an understanding of the intricate and holistic approach to yoga and movement that characterizes Liquid and Prana Flow Yoga.

Johnathan has assisted multiple trainings and workshops with Simon throughout the East Coast in the past few years and is humbled to be one of his assistants in these settings. Johnathan teaches a style of yoga informed mainly by Liquid Flow, but also by the teachings and practices of Dharma Mittra, Joan White, Ido Portal, Shiva Rea, Katonah Yoga, Eric Franklin, Michael Carrol, and various other teachers and methodologies.

Life and movement practice are a constantly evolving journey, and Johnathan is always seeking out and attempting to synthesize quality information into his teaching that is applicable on and off the mat, functional in purpose, and compliments the whole being. All are invited and welcome to practice and share in the journey of self-discovery and awakening that Johnathan believes should characterize the life of a human being.