Kate Brenton

Kate Brenton, ed.m., ryt, leapt from her home as an English teacher in Philadelphia to find her new home nested in the Pacific Island chain. Through her move to Kaua'i, she  learned that growing pains are necessary, lychees are amazing, and that love comes to you when you surrender to it. Through her induction to Pa Ola Hawaii and adjustment to island living,  Kate is committed to awakening the brilliance within through lomilomi and laughter.

Kate spends half her year on the East Coast leading workshops, sessions, and coaching while re-connecting with her family. Whether on or off the table, Kate believes everyone is entitled to enjoying their life a little more + residing in the best version of themselves. Her new workshop: Sit In Your Center is being hosted across the East Coast. Check out her travel schedule or  email to connect below.

Me ke aloha ha'aha'a,