Movement as Medicine


    3 Days / 2 Nights

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Movement as Medicine

Renew and reboot yourself with therapeutic massage, healthy movement, and lifestyle practicums in a nourishing and supportive environment.


Do you struggle with exercise?

We all know the vast health benefits of movement and physical activity, but how do we get started? How do we approach movement safely and sustainably? How do we overcome roadblocks that keep us from moving with ease?

Reclaim Your Inner Joy

Nourish and Support your Physical Wellbeing

Restore Your Balance

Revitalize Your Energy

When we unite breathing, movement, and relaxation, the results are empowering, revitalizing, and transformative.

Nourish Your Body

Awaken Your Enthusiasm

Learn to honor your embodied inner wisdom—reveal for yourself how movement can be a potent medicine.

Optimize Your Health

Restore Your Clarity

This retreat will provide you with a supportive and nourishing environment to jumpstart your daily routine.

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Relaxation Awaits

This Program Includes:

  • 60-Minute Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage
  • Daily Interactive Movement Sessions
  • Movement as Medicine Evening Discussions
  • Three Vegetarian Meals Daily
  • 400 Acres of Wooded Hiking Trails and Vistas
  • Meditation in the Sri Vidya Shrine

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Upcoming Movement as Medicine Programs

Jun 14
Theresa - Himalayan Institute
June 14—16, 2024

Movement as Medicine

Aug 9
Theresa - Himalayan Institute
August 9—11, 2024

Movement as Medicine

Sep 27
Theresa - Himalayan Institute
September 27—29, 2024

Movement as Medicine

Your Guide to Wellness

Dr. Theresa Oswald

Dr. Theresa Oswald, an integrative medicine physician, has designed this program to maximize relaxation and inspire freedom of movement. You will learn a comprehensive and balanced approach to wellness from our team of experts in the fields of movement and relaxation. Specially tailored treatments for your mind and body will act as a springboard, propelling you toward the changes you seek. This physician-directed retreat will inspire you to move freely, and provide you with the knowledge base and confidence to build a lasting and sustainable daily routine.

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