Year Long Meditation

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Help us spread the word about Year Long Meditation as you grow your community and bring the benefits of meditation to your students, friends, and family. Sign up now to receive inspiration, support, and instructions throughout the year!

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Become a Year Long Meditation Advocate

Become a Year Long Meditation Advocate

How to Participate:

Meditate & Track

Meditate and Track

Bring the benefits of regular practice to your students and track time on behalf of your sangha (community) by adding meditation to your classes or hosting group meditations in your studio or online. This is the best way you can contribute!

Build Community

Invite your friends on facebook to join your community as you participate in Year Long Meditation. You can create your own group or page, post on your studio’s page, or just share our suggested posts from your own account!

Build Community on Facebook

Foster Connection

Foster Connection

Connect to your students and friends near and far by inviting them to join you in practicing with a global community for positive change! We provide prompt questions and a sample email template for your convenience.

Share Your Experience

Get featured on @yearlongmeditation, while spreading the word about Year Long Meditation to your followers! Please note that you must activate your At Home account on to participate.

Share Your Experience

Rather Promote Your Way?

If you’d rather promote Year Long Meditation in your own way, we’ve provided some content you can download and share or incorporate into your materials.