When you hear the phrase “back to basics” what comes to mind for you? After visiting the Himalayan Institute, we began assessing this for ourselves. We sat with the inquiry, “What is necessary to be truly content with life as it is … right here, right NOW?”

What do you really need to survive? To thrive? Perhaps it’s a lot less than what society and the media portrays. Even less than what you think, or have been told! Where do you want to spend your time, energy, money, and resources? What does contentment and success look like to you??

Unless you take pause, and explore these questions, you may not be clear on this…

Our yoga practices help us to do just that. Yoga in its simplest form is an exploration. A challenging of what we think we know. Feeling in our minds, bodies, and souls what we really need NOW.

Join us in coming back to the basics…
  • Basic accommodations
  • Basic yoga practices
  • Basic foods that nourish our bodies
  • Time in nature
  • Time with friends to deeply connect, explore, and be yourself

In embracing your authentic self, we will invite you to trust the experience, and to be vulnerable. The process of immersing in a retreat weekend alongside other like-minded individuals will support you in doing so.

Our intention is that you will leave this respite with a clear sense of knowing what is — quite simply — truly important to you!