Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap in your personal health, wellness, and spiritual growth? Are you ready to help others do the same? If you have found results from yoga, meditation, massage or Reiki…and if you are ready for the next intense, captivating adventure, you will want to experience The Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound Therapy.

The roots of this practice are based in Quantum Physics and other scientific doctrines that prove all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. By using a specific, correct sound and vibrational attunement, you can experience deep levels of healing at the molecular level. The experience brings your body, mind and spirit back into perfect balance and alignment with its higher frequencies. The Alexander Method relies on tuning forks calibrated to ancient frequencies. This highly specialized certification program will open new doors for personal wellness and growth, as well as the opportunity to become one of the first Vibrational Sound Therapy practitioners of The Alexander Method in your area.

Level I Foundational Training focuses on Tuning Forks – the instruments known as a conscious “entity” of vibration, frequency and energy – which are attuned to our natural state of consciousness and produce a multi-level synergy. This system and combination of specially regulated frequency tuning forks will instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance.

NOTE: This two day training is being offered on consecutive dates to accommodate varying schedules.  Only one session is required for the certification.


Highlights of the Program:

Introduction and review of the focal place of Tuning Forks in Vibrational and Sound Energy Therapy

Review of individual tuning forks and the physical, emotional and spiritual connection of each vibration

Sound therapy demonstrations, hand-on practice and case studies

Interactive, intense review of topics required for Level I Certification

Topics:  History of Sound and Sound Therapy; Medical and Modern Uses of Sound Therapy; Basic Music Theory and Musical Math; The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies; The Human Energy System

Practice with your personal set of Tuning Forks – required for course.  Please see below.


Course: The cost for the training is $600 payable at the time of registration.

Level I Foundational Skills Training Workshop includes

A workbook and instructional video

A Solfeggio Chakra Clearing CD

Once all requirements are met, a Certificate of Completion for Level I will be issued to each participant.

Tuning Forks:

A personal set of Tuning Forks must be used by each participant. The Solfeggio Set and Ohm Tuner may be purchased in advance at or can be purchased at the start of the program on site.  PLEASE NOTE that not all tuning forks are created equally! Those available through Lisa Alexander are custom made in the USA and are calibrated for accuracy which will be critical to your Vibrational Sound Therapy practice. Custom made, medical grade Solfeggio 7 Set: $349 Ohm Tuner: $55

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