We are often so much stronger and more capable than we give ourselves credit for. The practice of yoga allows us to step into our strength and access a deep inner pool of abiding confidence, so that we can face the challenges of life with greater ease and a solid foundation.

The benefits of yoga are many and well-documented: the practice helps us relieve chronic stress, teaches us how to truly relax, and supports our physical and mental health. But how does yoga help us get stronger—not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well?

This engaging and dynamic weekend yoga workshop will give you the knowledge and direct experience to learn how to expand your capacity—not only for making progress in your asana practice—but for building resilience to handle life’s ups and downs with peace and balance. Learn about and experience the four secrets for developing and continuing a comprehensive yoga practice to steadily build deep and abiding physical, mental, and emotional strength. You will increase your stamina, find freedom from overwhelm, and shed feelings of complacency, so you can keep moving forward in your yoga practice and your life.

The Four Pillars of Strength and Stamina:

  1. Create a foundation with diaphragmatic breath training:Learn how diaphragmatic breathing will infuse your practice with strength and vitality, and how you can sustain this breathing practice and build it over time.
  2. Build the “container” and elevate your energy level: If you do not have strength and awareness of your own physical and energetic container, you will not be able to hold the energy gained through practice, and you may experience depletion. Discover how strength and awareness of the container transforms your practice and your experience of life.
  3. Move the energy: Learn skillful and controlled movements of the body and breath to remove struggle, avoid injury, and connect to a deeper energetic flow. Use this newly discovered energetic awareness to safely challenge yourself and experience deep reserves of power and strength you were previously unaware of.
  4. Learn to assess your state of mind for long term success: The practice of yoga is not complete without mental alignment. Learn to layer in techniques that enhance your asana practice and help you to effectively and accurately assess the state of your mind. This practice will help you see yourself and your relationship to the world around you more clearly and enable you to become more present to what is happening now.

After this weekend, you will have built a supportive foundation, nurtured an enlivened “container”, and accessed deeper reserves of inner strength and stamina. You will return home with a sustainable practice that will put you on a trajectory for balance, happiness, and success in all areas of your life.

Recent Testimonials from this Retreat:

I cannot speak highly enough of the retreat. As you may recall, I was so wound up on Friday night that I couldn’t get over the lack of locks on the rooms—and was so relaxed by Sunday that I wouldn’t even have cared if someone broke into my room (which they didn’t).   It may sound corny, but this retreat had a big impact on me—I feel an internal shift and a stronger sense of self.   I also realize that this path involves intention and hard work, but as far as hard work, I embrace that fully and see it as promising and hopeful—something tangible to help me move forward.
Amy, July 2017
I recently attended the Himalayan Institute for the strength and stamina weekend seminar given by Luke Ketterhagen. I cannot say enough about this fantastic experience. Luke was an excellent teacher who combined theory, balance, and practice into this most rewarding experience. I left feeling charged and refreshed! Thank you Luke!
Claire D, July 2017