A One-Day Meditation Intensive to Learn and Experience and Deepen Your Meditation.

We hear a lot about mindfulness but mindfulness itself is not enough. Only when combined with focus, does it take us beyond the sensory realm into a place of where pure intention manifests. If you think of a bird needing two wings to fly one wing being mindfulness and the other concentration – that is what constitutes a complete meditation practice. Now imagine combining mindfulness with focus into a systematic 5 step practice that will help you manifest the life that you want. Dr. Susan Taylor did.

Focused Awareness Meditation is the most powerful mental and nerve tonic available today.

The Focused Awareness Meditation One Day Retreat will do for your mind what yoga does for your body. More than just a theoretical study your will gain:

  • skills to digest undesired emotions that bind the heart;
  • practical pointers for bringing meditation into your personal and professional activities;
  • keys to furthering your personal meditation training; and
  • the fundamental principles of healing

During this one day intensive retreat you can experience and practice the 5 step meditation sequence to bring mindfulness into focus to create a calm and focused life.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience:

  • Inner silence to restore and renew your enthusiasm for life
  • Yoga postures to deepen the meditation experience
  • Special Breathing Practices to support a deeper meditation experience

Join us for this powerful day of meditation practice. This retreat is followed by the Spring Detox For Your Mind 3 day retreat.

Note: This one day intensive will be followed by the Best-selling retreat “Detox Your Mind”  Overcoming the obstacles that keep us from being vital and happy.