The legends of yoga describe powerful female figures who represent all aspects of our human experience, from peaceful to fiery. Within them we see our own divine nature and through them our own unique gifts. Their stories thread through the philosophies underlying our yoga practice.

Modern science also sees the beauty within us — an artfully woven web of movement and connection capable of carrying us through life with grace and awareness. When we understand how our bodies are designed, we discover more intuitive, efficient forms of movement. We find ourselves resisting less and flowing more.

When we combine the two, we tap into our own divine essence. That blending of philosophy and physics gives modern meaning to ancient teachings and new approaches to traditional asana.

This three-day retreat brings together stories, chants and movement along with an up-to-date scientifically informed look at the anatomy of asana. Join us as we honor and blend these two worlds to give you a moving, heartfelt understanding of what it feels like to be truly alive in your own divine self!