Join Yoga Home co-founders Maura Manzo and Kerri Hanlon for a deeply nourishing weekend at the Himalayan Institute—designed to bring you into greater balance with yourself and the world around you. Yoga practices and time in nature will be both rejuvenating and restorative, leaving you feeling grounded, clear, and refreshed.

Cultivating a grateful heart is the centerpiece of a spiritual practice. We hear so often the importance of having a gratitude practice, but what does it mean and how can you find something that works for you? How do you get past the big three (I’m grateful for my health, my family, and friends) and go deeper? How can you also find the grace and gratitude in the moments of life that are perhaps a bit more challenging? Surrendering to the great mystery of life gives us an opportunity to open to the grace that is all around us. Beautifully timed in the season of Thanksgiving, you’ll learn to cultivate two important aspects of gratitude—both giving and receiving.

Early Bird: Save $50 by registering for this retreat by August 31st.