Are you suffering from chronic pain, or do you provide care for someone in pain? For people with persistent pain and those around them, the effects can be devastating, leaving many in search of solutions more comprehensive than prescription pain medication.

During this transformative program, Dr. Theresa Oswald blends modern science and the healing traditions of yoga and ayurveda to help individuals find relief from persistent pain. A holistic approach of nutritional wisdom, stress mastery, positive psychology and purposeful movement can unlock our healing potential and provide lasting solutions to persistent conditions such as chronic back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

In this experiential seminar, learn how the mind-body connection can help you activate your healing response and reverse habitual reactions to pain. Through lecture and gentle practice sessions, discover the knowledge and tools to experience better sleep quality, greater endurance, and increased capacity for activity, while letting go of fears related to movement. This combination of evidence-based theory and mindful movement makes the seminar invaluable for yoga teachers, massage therapists, family members and other caregivers to more effectively assist individuals experiencing various forms of chronic pain.

In this experience-based weekend program on pain solutions, you will learn to:
  • Unlock the anti-inflammatory power of the kitchen pharmacy
  • Experience the potent pain-relieving properties of the breath
  • Explore the relaxation resiliency connection
  • Craft a tailored self-care plan
  • Clear roadblocks to healing
  • Understand the connections between persistent pain and the brain’s emotional centers
  • Learn self-massage and the magic of oleation (use of oil)
  • Discover the difference between rest and relaxation
  • Experience how movement can be medicine
  • Study self-directed neuroplasticity
  • Build community with people facing similar issues