In times of personal and worldwide change, turmoil, and strife, it is important to remember that the Devi, the Divine Mother, is the source of transformation. She guides us to our inner strength and courage, always. When we remember her in our bodies, in our minds, and in our hearts, she becomes our anchor, our stability, and our sacred space. To praise her is to awaken her within us. To praise her is to be nourished by her grace, to restore our sense of self, our purpose. And to praise her is to wake up to our own unlimited resources that propel us to live in this world with grace, courage, and clarity, no matter what the outer circumstances.

Join Shari Friedrichsen for this 6-day retreat on the island paradise of Corfu, Greece.

This retreat includes:
  1. Physical practice — to strengthen, to awaken inner intelligence, and to soften the grip of pain
  2. Breathing and Pranayama practices — to reset the nervous system, to reclaim our innate wealth, and to regain faith in ourselves.
  3. Meditation practice — for inner stillness, to see more clearly, and love more deeply
  4. Contemplative practice — chosen stories and passages from Sacred Texts and prayers regarding the Divine Mother
  5. Recitation — for illuminating the mind and replenishing ourselves with nourishment from the Divine Mother

Join us in this beautiful retreat setting on the island of Corfu, Greece. We’ll practice, take walks, embrace the sea, and rest deeply. Space is limited. Please register early.