“Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you nourish mind, body & soul on a Lifepath Yoga, Ayurveda & Hiking Retreat”

Join us for a nurturing Autumn Retreat in the heart of the Pocono Mountains at the Himalayan Institute Retreat Center.

In this program, you experience:
  • Friday evening Restorative Asana, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra (powerful relaxation practice with guided meditation)
  • Ayurveda Lectures & Discussions
    • Each participant will have the opportunity to complete a questionnaire to determine their unique constitution (“dosha” in Sanskrit).
    • Ayurveda lectures will focus on:
      • Fundamentals of ayurveda: the five elements and the three doshas
      • Understanding your ayurveda constitution/dosha
      • Health conditions that may arise from an imbalance in your unique constitution/dosha
      • Food —the six tastes/general dietary guidelines to bring balance to your constitution/dosha
      • The Ayurveda Clock: looking at the 24-hour day, seasons of the year, and the seasons of life from an ayurveda perspective; discussions on lifestyle practices to promote balance according to the age-old Ayurveda Clock
  • Daily yoga classes taught by Maria specifically designed to bring you to balance according to the ayurveda season of the year (cooling/rejuvenating practices in Summer; grounding/nurturing practices in Autumn; energizing practices in Winter/Early Spring)
  • Mindful hikes on the Retreat Center’s groomed forested trails incorporating energy practices (qigong), asana, and meditations along the path
All guests at the Himalayan Institute Retreat Center have access to the following amenities:
  • Simple, comfortable, quiet accommodations conducive to a peaceful stay
  • Three delicious, nutritious, and hearty vegetarian or vegan meals daily
  • Access to the newly consecrated Sri Vidya Meditation Shrine located at the heart of the Retreat Center’s campus
  • A tour of Moka Origins, a mission-driven chocolate and coffee factory nestled on the Retreat Center’s campus
  • Tea lounge with unlimited hot tea beverages
  • Complimentary Internet access
  • 400-acre wooded campus, including Sunset Pond, Sound of Music Hill, residential Herb Garden, Forest Pavilion
  • Access to four groomed forested hiking trails, one of which ends at Tanners Falls
  • MarketPlace (books, ayurveda products, yoga clothing, gifts)
  • PureRejuv Wellness Center (you may schedule an add-on massage or wellness service)

Please Contact the Himalayan Institute directly by calling 1.800.822.4547 to book your accommodations.


Lifepath Retreat: Yoga, Ayurveda & Hiking tuition is payable directly to Lifepath Yoga Center LLC

Save $50! Register by October 1st, and pay $275.

Reserve your accommodations directly through the Himalayan Institute.