Change can be frightening and overwhelming, leaving us feeling out of control—like our whole world has been turned upside-down. What better way, then, for us to learn to work with fear than by flipping ourselves over to flip the script?

Inversions improve circulation and energy levels, stimulate neural function, and provide a unique opportunity to change our perspective (in all ways). But these poses can be a source of fear and anxiety, even terror, leaving us questioning ourselves. What will we find when we venture into the unknown? How will we react when things seem out of our control? Where can we find refuge when everything is turned on its end?

In this weekend intensive, we will systematically prepare our body and mind to invert with confidence, and cover all of the preparations, steps, and modifications to successfully approach the classical inversions: headstand, shoulderstand, handstand, bridge, wheel, and forearm balance. Don’t let age, physical limitations, or inexperience keep you from unlocking the power in these treasured asanas. With safety and injury prevention as first-order goals and kindness as a guiding principle, you will learn to identify and name your fears, gain trust in yourself, and reach beyond your limits. Learn the process of grounding, and create an unshakeable stability that is not affected by whether you are “upside-down” or “right side up”.

You will gain confidence in yourself and the process, and take valuable lessons off the mat and into your life. Conquer your fears of the unknown and of changing course in life—conquer the fears that hold you back.

I look forward to helping you create freedom from fear, peace amid changing circumstances, and calm here and now.