Panchakarma, a small therapeutic retreat for a maximum of 7 people, is the preeminent healing and detoxification process in traditional ayurvedic medicine. According to ayurveda, this cleanse is one of the most effective treatments in healing disease, clearing toxins, and restoring balance to the body. Join us for four days of cleansing, healing, and renewal.

Whether you seek a simple seasonal re-balancing or an in-depth therapeutic regimen for more serious concerns, let our team of experienced specialists guide you in your self-care journey to a restorative cleanse.

Who Manages the Program?

The entire retreat is overseen and managed by the medical director of the PureRejuv Wellness Center, Dr. Carrie Demers. Board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Demers is a holistic physician who blends modern medicine with an ayurvedic approach to health. Dr. Demers will work closely with your retreat team to prescribe customized treatments based on your current mental, physical, and medical condition.

Highlights from a Four-Day Retreat:

Enjoy the personal attention of an experienced team of health professionals, and three days of treatments, including:

  • Individual consultations by medical staff
  • Daily cleansing massages and therapeutic relaxation
  • Special relaxing oil therapies, shirodhara and nasya
  • Restorative morning hatha yoga classes
  • Light, simple, and nutritiously cleansing meals served three times a day, along with fresh organic juices
  • Steam therapy for further toxin removal
  • Biofeedback sessions to help with stress management and breath training
  • Evening lectures on a variety of topics: cleansing, ayurveda, and meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • A take-home plan for continued success after the retreat has ended


Panchakarma is $2,170 for the 4-day retreat.

The price is all-inclusive of services, treatments, special meals, and juices, plus private accommodations in either our Guest House or Main Building, are included in the price.

Note: The Panchakarma Ayurvedic Retreat is contraindicated during pregnancy and may aggravate an already difficult menstruation. Please plan accordingly when selecting a weekend.

*Rates and services are subject to change.

Call our wellness center at (570) 647-1500 for more information and package rates.

Comments from Past Participants:

  • “All of the staff working with us were excellent, compassionate, and…well, awesome!”
  • “After meeting with Dr. Carrie I felt I had known her all my life.”
  • “My acupuncturist said I looked 10 years younger!!!”
  • “I am deeply relaxed, have a new interest in yoga, and am very excited to have had an intro to ayurvedic medicine.”
  • “The pre- and post meetings with Dr. Carrie were excellent. The treatments were excellent. The people here were amazing—hard to name one thing! Also biofeedback—awesome experience!”