Spring is a time for celebrating the abundant richness about to open in nature and in our lives. For thousands of years it has been an auspicious time for women to gather together to honor the special and unique power we hold in our bodies, in our minds, and in our hearts. This retreat at Poulstone is especially designed for just such a celebration and unfolding.

  • Together we will practice asana, deepening our understanding of our bodies, which are treasure houses of great capacity, strength, and courage.
  • This is the time to reclaim the gifts and resources that are inherently ours and bask in their luminosity.
  • With breathing and pranayama practice we will learn to empower ourselves from the inside out—releasing doubt and fear, and reclaiming the innate wealth of life and faith in ourselves.
  • With meditation practice, we will learn to become still within ourselves and see the great beauty, grace, and peace that is our life and is life itself.
  • Throughout these practices of yoga we will weave stories from sacred scriptures that honor the Divine Feminine, from a current and historical perspective. We will be inspired by the acts of both compassion in heart and fierceness in battle from these Divine Goddesses.

Surround yourself in a community of women dedicated to the unfoldment of the sacred in our lives. Together, we will enjoy communal meals, share stories, refine our practice and connection to the Divine, and nourish ourselves deeply. Here at Poulstone, there is also time and space to reflect alone, surrounded by the nature that supports transformation, healing, and growth. Just as spring is unfolding in all her power and glory, so too shall we.

For more information or to register for this program please email us at [email protected] or [email protected].