Immerse yourself into a sacred experience of self love. This unique retreat is focused on cultivating a foundation of a deep loving connection to the self through using the healing power of drinking cacao, yoga asana movement, guided meditation, future self visualization, yoga nidra, EFT Tapping, self inquiry journaling, intention setting practices & a letting go fire ceremony.

Through this self care weekend journey, participants will receive a total mind, body, spirit renewal. We will practice self care techniques and learn how to devote nourishment and rest into daily life. The heart meridian can hold grief and loss, as we continue collectively to navigate back into the re-opened world, it is crucial to nourish any part of the self who experienced great pain and suffering from the pandemic or any other chapter in their life. Drinking cacao with intention is an ancient practice of healing the heart and expanding into our fuller potential as magnificent creators of our dream reality.

3 Yoga Classes, 3 Cacao Ceremonies, 3 Self Love Sessions

This is an opportunity to come home to the self and connect with others who say YES to loving themselves all the way through authentically. Transformation is a beautiful process of life and this intentional offering will guide a total rebirth. All that will be shared in this self love immersion will support a clearing of stress, tension, fatigue- creating a sustainable boost of life vitality, inspiration, and skills to love into mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Each participant will receive a self love care box.

The cacao we will honor in ceremony form will be from Moka Origins. Participants will learn about the origins and have the opportunity to visit the cacao factory and meet the founders of this sacred chocolate company.