The weekend of Somatic Psychology of Yoga was only the beginning! We’re delighted to invite you to join us for an ongoing exploration of the topics introduced in that workshop. We’ll talk more about the yamas and niyamas, how the kleshas are related to the auto-programming of the nervous system, interoception and managing emotions, the all-important “I,” and other topics many of you suggested, as well as those that may arise in our sessions. As we go along, we’ll provide references to the Yoga Sutra and other sources, and reflection questions to help guide the discussions. Do join us—your interests are our interest!


All sessions are 7:00pm—8:15pm Eastern Standard Time

  • Session 1 — (Oct 20)
    • Yamas and Niyamas: Why They Matter
  • Session 2 — (Oct 27)
    • Origin and Resolution of the Afflictions (Kleshas)
  • Session 3 — (Nov 3)
    • Interoception and Managing Emotions
  • Session 4 — (Nov 10)
    • How Yoga Works with the Narrative and Experiential Self
  • Session 5 — (Nov 17)
    • Constructive Contemplation, Present Moment Awareness, and Your Brain of Meditation

All sessions will be recorded and distributed to your included Digital Course Portal within 4 hours after the live presentation.

Reccommended Reading List: