Study Intensive, July 7–9, 2017

Freedom from pain and fear defines the spirit of yoga. With this seminar and workshop, immerse yourself in that spirit. So many of us are involved in different forms of yoga practices—asana, breathing, relaxation techniques, meditation, visualization, and rituals—and yet living a fearless and joyful life is still a distant dream. What is amiss? In this seminar, learn Buddha’s and Patanjali’s way of yoga and reclaim a body free of pain and fatigue and a mind free of fear, doubt, and self-defeating tendencies. In other words, in your personal life, become so well grounded that the trials and turbulence in the outside world no longer affect you. This is the yoga of self-empowerment and self-victory! The main points of discussion and practices include:

  • The full spectrum of yoga: the convergence of yoga, tantra, kundalini, ayurveda, and alchemy
  • The way to transcend pain and expand the range of comfort in your body through asana
  • The use of herbs and the healing power of breath to master asana practices
  • The practice of agni sara, unleashing the power of the navel center to re-energize the body, brain, nervous system, and mind
  • The time-tested techniques of breathing and meditation to calm the mind
  • The finer practices of yoga to free your mind of fear, anger, doubt, guilt, and self-condemnation
  • The gift of sad-dharma, true wisdom and compassion, and how to walk on the trail prepared by Buddha and Patanjali

Practice Intensive, July 9–14, 2017

This Practice Intensive is an opportunity to reinforce, digest, and become fully established in the practices you learned during the weekend. During this intensive, we trust you will conclude that it is practice that makes us perfect. Assisted by senior faculty of the Institute, Panditji will elaborate on the finer points of your practice and help you meet your personal needs. Intensifying your practice in the peaceful and yet energetic atmosphere of the Institute is a gift that you will treasure for life. In addition to joining formal morning and evening classes and workshops with Panditji, you will have ample time to practice, rest, relax, and reflect. The bonding you will establish with yourself and the very spirit of yoga will last forever.

Join us in this rich and powerful program and give a life-changing gift to yourself!

Register for the Full Program: $499

Register for the Study Intensive Only: $299

Register for the Practice Intensive Only: $299