Inversions are fun, energizing, great for changing things up (in all ways), and for improving circulation. But inversions can be a source of fear, anxiety, and terror also. What will we find when we face the unknown? What happens when things seem out of our control? What happens when everything is turned on its end?

In this weekend intensive, we will cover all of the preparations, steps, and progressions to successfully practice the classical inversions: headstand, shoulderstand, handstand, bridge, wheel, and forearm balance. While safety is one of our main goals, you will also learn to go where you haven’t gone and trust yourself. You will gain confidence in yourself and the process. Conquer your fears of the unknown and of changing course in life. Conquer the fears that hold you back.

Learn the process of grounding and creating stability that is not affected by whether you are “upside down” or “right side up”. I look forward to helping you create freedom, peace, and calm here and now.