What if you could achieve some freedom from stress? Or rather what if you could gain confidence in a set of skills and techniques that would help you manage your stress and effectively wipe out future stress inducing situations?

You can only make a change in life if you understand what is happening and why. Then, unfortunately, you are only half way there because until you know how to deal with what is happening, (i.e. you have the coping mechanisms) you may still be a victim of stresses ugly consequences.

Join me for a full and active program of learning, studying and practice. This weekend is a focus on time-tested skills and philosophies that will train you to know and understand yourself. In understanding the world inside, you will understand the world outside and be empowered and skilled to make the necessary adjustments so you can create more happiness and joy. This weekend could change your life!

Here are a few of the topics we will cover:

  • Consequences of stress
  • The stress response from several perspectives
  • How to recognize the symptoms that trigger a stress response.
  • How to make the minor ‘tweaks’ in life so that you can take control again.
  • The plethora of yoga, relaxation, meditation, diet, sleep and exercise tips

Here is what a recent student said about this intensive. Don’t miss it!

The teacher/coach Luke was TREMENDOUS. Life changing experience. I never thought I could enjoy soooo much. I am very rational and pragmatic guy and Luke changed the way I see the world. FANTASTIC