*This program will only be available through a digital webinar format.

All sessions will be delivered over live video. For your convenience, live sessions will be recorded and distributed to all participants within 4 hours after each session, and available for a full 7 days after the event concludes on June 30.

Our gastrointestinal system does miraculous things. Thanks to the discovery and exploration of our microbiome—science is aware that our gut not only digests food, but shapes the strength and integrity of our immune systems, impacts our mind, our mood, and more! Digestive health is what predicts and sets the foundation for our own health and vitality.

Yoga and Ayurveda have long taught the importance and power of Agni, the fire of digestion at our solar plexus. These traditions have deemed Agni as the source of physical and mental health—not just as a digestive power, but the driver of vitality, immunity, courage, joy, and resilience.

In this 5–part webinar, integrative medicine physician Carrie Demers, MD merges these two worlds. Join her as she takes you on a journey through the body and introduces you to the wonders of your own digestive system, sharing insights and advice from both perspectives—ancient and modern!

In this webinar you will:
  • Learn about how your GI system works, including the “gut brain” and vagus nerve
  • Be introduced to the Ayurvedic concepts of “Agni” and “Ama”
  • Explore how your lifestyle is supportive, or taxing, to your gut
  • Consider the value of pre- and pro-biotics
  • Experience how yogic breathing and relaxation practices influence digestion
  • Explore cleansing actions—for body and mind—that can stimulate and strengthen digestive power
  • Learn about natural supplements that are nourishing and cleansing to your GI system
  • Create a plan for yourself to support, nourish and cleanse your amazing gut!

Every session will end with a style of somatic work: breathing, stretching, or yoga practices.

Note: Online sessions will be held Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:00–8:15 pm beginning on Tuesday June 16, and ending on Tuesday, June 30. The webinar sessions will be available for 7 full days after the live sessions have been recorded. We will deliver each of the videos within 4 hours of the completion of each session.

Webinar Schedule:

Session–1 Tuesday, June 16: Your Amazing Gut: Discover Its Power and Intelligence
Session–2 Friday, June 19: Food, Lifestyle and Supplements for Optimal Digestion
Session–3 Tuesday, June 23: Decrease Stress to Build Immunity and Digestive Strength
Session–4 Friday, June 26: Cleansing Practices to Increase Gut Function, Energy & Clarity
Session–5 Tuesday, June 30: What is Best for Your Gut? Assessment and Making a Plan