You are invited to join Jennifer Kreatsoulas and Kanjana Hartshorne at the scenic and peaceful Himalayan Institute in the Poconos September 14 – 16, 2018 for The 11 Elements: A Body Compassion Project Retreat, where you will rebuild healthy and compassionate connections with your true self – body, heart, and soul.

The Meaning & Mission of “11 Elements”

Every human body is made up of 11 core elements that are essential for survival. This means that everyone was born from and survives on the same set of elements that are natural to this earth. How beautiful is that?

We believe being made from the same life-giving materials unites us all in meaningful ways that can easily be overlooked in our fast-paced society. These 11 elements are also a vital reminder that our bodies are powerful beyond measure, no matter their size or shape.

In a world that thrives on unrealistic beauty ideals and external validation, we can lose our connection with ourselves and feel discontent with our bodies. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to teach simple yet powerful ways to: practice compassion and connection with your body; experience more peace and beauty in the unscripted chaos of life; develop mindfulness skills; and cultivate more gratitude for the 11 elements that unite us and the true self that makes you and your body unique.

This Special Weekend Includes:
  • 5 healing and empowering sessions on creating kind relationships with our bodies
  • Yoga practices that include poses, meditation, guided visualization, mantra, and Yoga philosophy to illuminate our discussions and cultivate self-connection
  • Meaningful and supportive discussion
  • Journaling, art, and other creative activities
  • Delicious soul-nourishing food
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Additional amenities offered at the Himalayan Institute
  • Plus a private guided hike for our group, a Fire Pit Pondside party, and a Chai Tea welcome party.
Themes we will Explore Include but are not Limited to:
  • How do I relate to my body?
  • How do I talk to my body?
  • How did my body image develop?
  • How do my emotions affect my body image?
  • How do my body language and body image affect my emotions?
  • How can we use tools from yoga therapy to help us cultivate compassion for our bodies?
  • How can we practice gratitude for what your bodies do for us?
  • How do we give ourselves permission to pursue a life beyond external validation and be freed from superficial comparisons and judgment?
  • What’s the difference between tolerance, acceptance, respect, love, and kindness?
  • How do we move forward with connection to self and others?
What people are saying…
“The retreat gave me the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with my body. A month later I continue to meditate every day and I have the energy to take on my day. As mental health professional, that value is unspeakable. Thank you!”
Audrey Grunst
“I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who struggles with self-doubt and body image-related issues. Kanjana and Jennifer provide a safe place to explore who you are and where you want to be.”
Catherine Loveless
Who Should Come?

This retreat is appropriate for women who want to explore how to feel more confident and content in their bodies. Whether you struggle with body image because of your past, weight, race, size, ability, aging, illness, or more, we invite you to join us. No yoga experience is necessary.

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