Webinar Overview:

Learn the practical aspects of agni hotra for home practice in a 6-week webinar starting July 31 and continuing for six Friday evenings.

This is what you need to know to conduct any havan at home, or to finish a purashcharana (time-bound mantra practice). We’ll address building or buying a kunda, utensils, ingredients, procedures, sequence, and learning the mantras needed for every havan, regardless of the main personal practice you may want to do. The course includes Agni Hotra Instruction Manual, and Panditji’s recordings of the mantras you’ll need, including the Visve Deva Sukta, Agni Sukta, purification mantras and agni invocation mantras from the Yajur Veda.

For context and applications, we’ll draw on Living Tantra, as well as teachings in The Tantra of Inner Protection, Durga Saptashati, Maha Pushti Yaga, and in the recent book Sri Sukta: The Tantra of Inner Prosperity.

  • Understand concept, context, and purpose for yajna
  • Understand relationship of outer (bahir) rituals and inner (antar) rituals, and purpose of both
  • How to conduct general agni hotra for home practice, including mantras, sequence, ingredients and procedures
  • How to finish a purashcharana with a havan
  • Week 1. Fire Rituals in Yoga Tradition; building or buying a kunda
  • Week 2. Gathering ingredients and utensils, begin learning the Visve Deva Sukta
  • Week 3. Making samagri; sourcing wood; purification mantras, continue Visve Deva Sukta
  • Week 4. Procedures; mantras for invoking Agni (three Vedic mantras and Agni Sukta)
  • Week 5. Finishing a purashcharana; general invocation mantras, continue with Agni Sukta
  • Week 6. Review of simple and complete forms of agni hotra; finishing your havan
Suggested Study: