Spring is the season of moving from dormancy to awakening. As we shed the heavy cloak of winter, we have the opportunity to shift into a lighter way of being. But it takes work — dedicated exploration of how we bring new growth forward. Let Kerri and Jen support you as you navigate this change in a meaningful, purposeful way.

Yoga practices will be a combination of more vigorous practices and grounding, gentle practices. Each will be designed to provide balance of tapping into higher energy associated with Spring and rest for integration. Plenty of variations provided so newcomers as well as more experienced yogis each get what they need. You’ll also enjoy pranayama and meditation as pathways to embrace this energetic shift.

Plenty of time in nature, with hikes on the beautiful grounds of the Himalayan Institute, a Bonfire ceremony and nourishing, Ayurvedic meals appropriate for the season.

Retreat includes:
  • Four yoga sessions and morning meditation session
  • Hikes on the beautiful grounds of the Himalayan Institute
  • Ayurvedic, nourishing meals
  • Bonfire ceremony (weather dependent)
  • Time for cozy cups of tea, journaling, and rest
  • Optional Spa Treatments at PureRejuv Wellness Center
  • Optional Tour of Moka Chocolate Factory