The heart and mind are intimately linked and mutually supportive. Their relationship is dynamic and they are meant to uplift and support each other. Together they create balance and harmony in our bodies, minds, and hearts. Too often we become so busy and externally focused that we are unable to see or understand the combined wisdom and kindness of these two important guides. We may become confused and uncertain about our lives, our goals, and the very things that matter most to us—relationships, loved ones, and our purpose in the world.

At this weekend yoga retreat, reconnect to the still, nurturing, and quiet voice of the heart and mind. Here, at our 400 acre campus surrounded by nature’s calming beauty, you’ll find respite from the busy-ness and external focus of daily life. Shari Friedrichsen, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, and YACEP will guide you through yoga classes and meditation techniques that will draw your focus inward, back to your inner guiding light.

At this yoga retreat you will experience the following practices:
  • Asana to become grounded in the power and grace that accompany being in this body
  • Pranayama and breathing practices to calm the mind and reestablish the connection to a deeper current of inner life
  • Meditation practices that reconnect  the ability to know yourself, your heart’s joy, and your mind’s inherent light

By the end of the weekend, you will have experienced a palpable connection between your heart and mind. You will also be able to take home these simple, yet profound practices to continue deepening the relationship between your heart and your mind. Once discovered and reclaimed, your days are sweeter, your nights are more restful, and your life is restored to true balance governed benevolently by the heart and mind combined.

Reclaim the strength and support of a mind established in compassion and a heart embraced in wisdom. Join Shari on the bridge of the heart and the mind!