“Change isn’t just a fact of life we have to accept and work with…”, says Norman Fischer, Zen priest and writer “… to feel the pain of impermanence and loss can be a profoundly beautiful reminder of what it means to exist.” Join Karin Rossi and Kevin Genjo LeBlanc for their annual autumn retreat where they explore the journey of cultivating ease and joy in one’s yoga and meditation practice. These embodied practices act as a doorway to the self; a place of profound knowing where we discover the interconnectedness of all beings and the ultimate nature of their impermanence.

  • Experience different styles of yoga, restorative, trauma-informed, gentle hatha, and faculty-led (optional)
  • Enhance or begin a daily meditation practice with morning and evening sits
  • Join in walking meditation along the breathtaking campus trails
  • Unwind with our group during our special Saturday evening s’mores and campfire night
  • Visit the Sri Vidya shrine for a time of contemplation
  • Sign up for additional wellness services at the PureRejuv Wellness Center

This is time and space for you to meet yourself where you are.