Om shanti shanti shanti.” Chances are, you’ve heard this repeated in a yoga class. Mantra has become a buzzword, but most of us are in the dark about what mantra is—and what it means to our yoga or meditation practice.

In every culture and every era, sacred sound—Vak, or the Word—has been revered as the sound body of divinity, or higher reality. According to the ancient science of sacred sound, a single syllable of an awakened mantra can dissolve karma and create a new reality. On a personal level, mantra has the power to help us overcome obstacles, heal and transform ourselves, and reach moksha—liberation. But how does mantra actually work? Where do mantras come from, and what makes certain mantras especially potent? More importantly, how can we tap into the extraordinary power of mantra to find inner peace and enlightenment?

In this experiential retreat, you will learn firsthand the inner workings of sacred sound, gaining practical guidance on how to infuse your yoga and meditation practice with mantra’s transformative shakti (power). Each day includes a combination of lecture, Q&A, and guided practice, with plenty of time for personal practice and quiet reflection in the Sri Vidya Shrine.

Discussion topics include:
  • The concept of sacred sound (shabda brahman) in yoga, tantra, and Vedic wisdom, as well as cross-cultural parallels
  • Vak shakti: the power of the Word and the Word as power
  • The four levels of sound (vaikhari, madhyama, pashyanti, and nada), the manifestation of the universe, and states of consciousness
  • Om—the primordial mantra, and other bija mantras
  • Sanskrit as a language of mantra
  • The role of mantra in prayer, contemplation, chanting, and meditation
  • Mantra for healing, empowerment, and personal and spiritual unfoldment
  • The relationship of mantra shakti and prana shakti, and how to use their combined force to tap into the elixir of life