When I was young, I was punished for violating a high school team rule: my punishment was to meditate each day before school. Though it was a daunting task for my energetic teenage self, that daily meditation turned out to be one of the most formative—and transformative—experiences of my life. People who meditate daily often have stories with the same core message: meditation has the power to change lives.

This ancient practice has received a great deal of recent attention in popular media for its benefits of stress reduction, increased productivity, and better sleep quality, but all of the different styles and traditions can leave us puzzled about how to actually start meditating. This program will provide you with a clear and simple meditation method that will allow you to experience the gifts that this practice offers, and stay inspired to continue practicing on your own.

The only thing that matters is that you start.

What Is Meditation?

The great sages of yoga say that “meditation is that which introduces you to yourself.” It is the entry point to understanding who you are on every level. Meditation helps us learn how to find stability and clarity, even in the midst of a fast-paced and often chaotic world. Meditation is an invaluable tool to help us cope, heal, evolve, adapt, and become the best version of ourselves.

During this weekend meditation retreat, you will learn specific practices that form the supportive framework for a beneficial meditation practice. Whether you are new to meditation or you want to deepen and expand your existing practice, this weekend intensive is for you.

Join the millions of people benefiting from these ancient and timeless meditation techniques. The benefits of meditation extend into every demographic, industry, and culture, for example:

  • Students in school are learning how to control their emotions and thoughts by experiencing meditation as an alternative to detention and suspension.
  • Healthcare practitioners, educators, and patients are learning how effective meditation is to address depression, anxiety, and help with pain management.
  • Professional sports teams are using meditation to channel inner focus and improve performance by learning to access their most powerful “muscle”—the mind.
  • Corporations are adding meditation classes to improve productivity and reduce the stress of their employees.

Experience for yourself why meditation is such a profound tool for managing the stress of life and transforming yourself during this weekend retreat. Once you start to meditate, you will never be the same!

Recent Testimonials:

I can’t say enough positive things about the meditation intensive.  It really helped me to understand and also experience the importance of preparing for meditation.  I realized that my distractions were amplified because I had been unable to turn off my senses and calm my breath and mind before meditating. I also really get the breath—really get it.  It has now become my priority to work on the qualities of my breath.
As a yoga teacher for 17 years I am always looking for new ways to enhance my teaching and my own personal practice. Luke’s meditation intensive weekend was just the ticket. Luke’s welcoming nature and teaching style allowed for an interactive learning experience, while still grounding us in deep yogic traditions. I came away with a whole new set of tools to take on my journey, not only with yoga, but in life. The perfect blend of yoga, meditation and fun.
This workshop exceeded my expectations and has brought my yoga practice to a much deeper and more meaningful level.  Luke is a passionate and caring teacher and presents yoga as it should be presented—as a path that everyone can embrace regardless of ability, level of experience, and hang ups!
Thank you so much for a nourishing weekend. I teach yoga and facilitate mindfulness meditation in MD correctional facilities.  I have had a meditation practice for 5 years.  The practice you taught, has not only reignited my practice, but provided so much insight and information for all my yoga classes, and the meditation I facilitate in the prisons.