Life is busy. Sometimes you just need time and space to reconnect with your yoga practice, to move, to explore, and to rediscover who you really are. That’s what it feels like to embody your practice.

Join us for a three-day weekend getaway, where we will flow from general concepts of movement, alignment, and anatomy, to a more personal, intelligent, intuitive understanding of how it applies to your own practice.

Through a detailed yet accessible discussion of anatomy, we will explore the underlying concepts that drive and support your practice. We will move through a full range of asana, covering forward folds, backbends, twists, inversions, and arm balances, along with seated and standing poses for strength and stability.

Recommended for students in good physical condition, this full-spectrum weekend will offer stimulating study for your mind, challenging movement for your body, and restorative sessions to soothe your senses.

Conveniently located just three hours from Philadelphia in Honesdale, PA, the Himalayan Institute offers a variety of accommodation options, healthy vegetarian food, stunning scenery, and a calm, natural environment so you can focus on the essentials.