The Radiant Body Yoga Teacher Training combines the technical precision of Ashtanga and Iyengar with the subtle dimensions of Kundalini. The training is a comprehensive, life-affirming process that explores the healing and transformational practices of yoga, and empowers students on their personal path and as a teacher. Come and initiate an effortless flow of wisdom, so that teaching becomes not so much a simple regurgitation of what has been learned, but a sharing from one’s own experience and an inner place of connection and peace.

Radiant Body is a holistic approach to yoga, which has its roots in the ancient Kundalini and Tantric traditions. This path is dedicated to helping people live with greater awareness so they can help others to do the same. The practice offers a potent combination of pranayama, asana, intelligent use of the bandhas, and a profound understanding of the subtle body. This includes knowledge of the koshas, kleshas, gunas, visualization, use of kriya, yogic history, and philosophy.

The foundational (200-hour) program includes basic techniques, asana practice, ethics of yoga, western anatomy, sequencing, the eight-limbed path, pranayama, meditation, the subtle body, the art and science of teaching, and philosophy, including core yogic concepts and the Radiant Body orientation toward healing and transformation. This training is ideal for serious students and aspiring teachers.

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