“This whole world is a hospital; and we all are patients.” –Swami Rama

“Radical healing” is the idea that we all are here to heal—and that healing is our spiritual work. Through healing, we transform: we evolve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Holistic medicine treats the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Using lifestyle, cleansing practices, yoga, meditation, and all kinds of natural supports like herbs and homeopathy, holistic medicine sees the body’s symptoms as alerts to us—and encourages us to respond to these messages.

Join Dr. Carrie Demers for a 3-day YLM Retreat as we explore radical healing and its application to our life, health, and happiness. Our bodies are naturally predisposed to move in a healing direction, and together we will learn how holistic medicine supports that inherent intelligence and healing power within.

During this retreat, you will learn:
  • The principles of holistic healing that set it apart from modern medicine
  • The importance of physical supports: diet, movement, and sleep; and how relaxation practices support these foundations of good health
  • How simple cleansing practices contribute to our physical and mental well-being—including an optional 1-day juice/broth fast
  • How to support your mental and physical health with contemplative practices and meditation, and the science that supports this approach
  • How holism is “radical” given our societal conditioning to expect a “quick fix” for every ailment

You will also have free time to enjoy our campus, and to meditate in our beautiful, newly consecrated Sri Vidya Shrine. Invite harmony, peace, and true wellness into your life in an environment conducive to your own healing and inner tranquility.