Beginning a practice of self-inquiry can be daunting and uncomfortable. While our meditation practice is an amazing source of inner awareness, we often have trouble bringing that awareness into our daily lives—preventing us from understanding or pursuing our heart’s desire.

In this retreat, we will explore the concept of jnana-vichara, the knowledge of self-inquiry, with the tools found in both yoga therapy and ayurvedic medicine. Learning to know yourself through your daily habits, dosha tendency, and habitual responses to stress will inform your practice of self-inquiry.

By applying this awareness of our desires, inclinations, and habits to our vichara practice, we can learn how to move toward our dharma (purpose) in the outer world—and use our meditation practice to discover a deeper inner world.

Learn to know yourself, and unlock the door to fulfilling your life’s true meaning.

Discussion Topics Include:
    • Using self-inquiry practices to identify your heart’s desire
    • Unmasking negative patterns using techniques (drawn from Rod Stryker’s The Four Desires) to find freedom from vikalpa (doubt)
    • Developing a self-care plan to move toward your goals
    • Supporting yourself with practices to live with ease and meaning