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Celebrate the commencement of 2021 as you immerse yourself in the experience of the highest form of tantric practice — meditation on Sri Chakra conducted in the style of right-hand tantra. This group practice is a specialty of the Himalayan Tradition and is organized to proclaim a new beginning — one that is accompanied by the energy of active peace and grounded joy. Practically speaking, this practice is for awakening our inner fire and feeding it with our karmic firewood and unwanted mental tendencies. It is for reaching our solar plexus, the center of inner strength, healing, and nourishment. It is for awakening our self-trust and self-confidence, and rising above the pervasive atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, indecisiveness, and mistrust.

While the focal point of this intensive is Sri Chakra sadhana, it builds upon the firm foundation of the practice of Rudra Yaga, the 64 Yoginis, and the mantras of Sri Sukta. This unique form of Sri Chakra meditation is what yogis have, for ages, used to shake off the inertia of their body and mind, and retain their inner resilience. As part of this intensive, you will have an opportunity to join the highly elaborate and magnificent puja of five altars including Sri Chakra, and daily inner fire offering (havan) at the manipura chakra with the sixteen mantras of Sri Sukta. Each havan will conclude with Vasudhara practice at the Sahasrara chakra, the crown center.

During the study intensive, you will discover that this unique practice is the call of the times-we absolutely need it, and we deserve it.

Highlights of the Practice and Study Intensive:
  • Tantric way of invoking and meditating on five altars:
    • Adi Pitham – the deepest seat of our inner intelligence-the source of revelation, inner guidance, and protection
    • Vishvedeva – the finer forces of Nature that fill our inner and outer worlds
    • 64 Yoginis – the forces manifesting in us as resilience, emotional buoyancy, courage, and discernment
    • Rudra Chakra – the chakra of the vibrant life force that destroys the nefarious tendencies of our mind
    • Sri Chakra – the chakra of Sri, the goddess of beauty, joy, and abundance
  • Experience the rare practice of inner fire in the style of right-hand tantra. Join Panditji for 3 guided practices of internal fire offering (havan) at the manipura chakra with the sixteen mantras of Sri Sukta
  • Ring in the New Year with a 3-hour Akhanda Japa group meditation concluding in a special prayer with Panditji
  • Dynamics of longevity and resilience, and the role of agni, the sacred fire
  • The power of mantra, alchemy, and tantric rituals
  • The role of breath in awakening the inner fire, and channeling it at the navel center to make an offering
  • Irrigating the vessel of the body and mind with the elixir of the sixteen mantras of Sri Sukta
Recommended Reading

Sri Sukta: Tantra of Inner Prosperity – by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD