Join us for a weekend of rejuvenation, self-discovery, restorative yoga, and detaching from the hustle of everyday life with our “Stress Less Weekend Retreat.” Designed to help you unwind, relax, and enjoy life’s simple comforts.

This weekend you will learn about restoring your mind, body, and energy by exploring your mental health, finding the medicine in your movement and finding comfort in foods that can help reverse the conditions of common diseases and poor health.

Join Marquita, Owner of Social Fit Wellness LLC, Certified Exercise Physiology, Health Coach, Instructor for the American Heart Association, and Health Coach for the Johns Hopkins University UNLOAD Heart Failure Project, and Co-Host Consir Pair, Licensed Therapist and Doctor of Holistic Science.

This Stress Less Weekend will cover:

Movement as Medicine — Yoga is recommended by doctors, practiced throughout the world, done by young and old, but not many people know it for its medicinal purpose. This weekend we will explore restorative benefits of health-based breathing, therapeutic stretching, movement with a purpose, and getting out to explore the great outdoors.

Adapting to a Demanding World — over-spending at your fingertips, a rabbit hole of social media scrolling, and increasing work hours: no wonder burnout is on the rise. Learn how to calm the mind, control impulses, and minimize distractions with soothing meditation, reflective journaling, and positive affirmation activities.

Energize with Better Sleep — The most basic need of the body, but most people don’t get enough of it. Look forward to getting rest this weekend with a natural remedy to have a good night’s sleep. Take a sleep evaluation and learn about foods, supplements, and how to create a healthy sleep routine for your body’s energy profile.

The Inner Peace Blueprint — Let’s dive into our mental health with the core elements of cultivating emotional balance, functional communication, and coping strategies for stress. This interactive session will help participants create their personalized blueprint for a peaceful life. By setting realistic goals, intentions, and action steps, it will help you to feel confident, balanced, and happy in your daily life.

In addition to the workshops and classes, guests can enjoy guided and self-guided activities:
  • Moka Origins Chocolate & Coffee tasting tours
  • 400 acres of hiking
  • Sounds of Music Hill
  • Beautiful Meditation Hall
  • Pure Rejuv Wellness Spa
  • Morning yoga & meditation
  • The Sacred Grove Cafe